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About Us

Hello Mothers, 

It is your favourite Writer once again, Brittany Shears. Yaayyy!

Perhaps are you just joining our community for the first time? let me introduce myself again-

I am Brittany Shears, a writer, Editor and a mom of three living in Manhattan. As mothers, we can attest to the fact that along with the beautiful journey of motherhood comes various relatable challenges. This is where the vision of this blog comes to play.

With an extensive background in writing, I specialise in blog post writing with a side attraction to Scriptwriting. I broadly cover topics related to, Pregnancy, Children’s mental health and Family Insurance.

And yeah, if you are guessing, my passions include reading up and consuming everything about pregnancy and the beautiful journey of motherhood. Most of the time, my interest usually borders on raising healthy children in contemporary American Society. 

 As an avid believer in the notion of freedom, I strongly advocate for the Anti-Bully law in High schools across the country. 

Brittany is instrumental in crafting top-notch content for the website. When off work, you can find me walking by the beach and listening to my husband try to pull off his routine tricks on the kids. 

You can connect with me via the Contact Form or shoot me an email at [email protected].

Let’s talk about motherhood. Cheers…