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5 Best Overnight Pull-ups for Heavy Wetters in 2023

Check out our detailed review on the Best Overnight Pull-ups for Heavy Wetters.
Best Overnight Pull-ups for Heavy Wetters

Hey Moms, gather around.

It is always an embarrassing and frustrating situation, anytime your heavy wetter soaks his sheets yet again. However, you are not alone.

Studies confirms that 15% of kids between the ages of 3-5 would keep on soaking their sheets while some kids may even battle with bedwetting till they clock ten. 

For the sake of your sanity, we highly suggest getting the Best Overnight pull-ups for heavy wetters.

We have saved you the stress of browsing through the stalls to get the best. This is our detailed review on the Best Overnight Pull-ups for your Heavy Wetter.

Check it out!

Best Overnight Pull-ups for heavy wetters in 2022: Our Top Picks!

Name of ProductAdhesive Sposie for Heavy wettersPampers Ninjamas Disposable Nightime underwearPull-ups New-leafHuggies pull-ups night time boys training pantGoodnites nighttime bedwetting underwear
Best forBest Pull-up Inserts for Heavy WetterBest pull-ups for masking odoursBest for sensitive skinBest pull-ups for your baby boyBest pull-ups for your baby girl

Products Mini-Reviews

1. Adhesive Sposie for Heavy Wetters 

Adhesive Sposie for Heavy Wetters

Key Features

  • Brand: Select Kids
  • Sizes: 4-6, Pull-ups: 2T-5T
  • Absorbent level: 20% more absorbent
  • Standout feature(s): Adhesive strips
  • Price: $XXX

Coming first place as the overall best Overnight pull-up inserts for heavy wetter is the  Adhesive Sposie absorbent booster pads. And our choice is justifiable.

This overnight pull-up for heavy wetters comes with an extra 20% absorbent rate, emerging as the best choice for heavy wetters.

Besides,  its double padded layering come with an increased absorbency level owing to its fluff-based construction. 

However, there is still more goodness to come with this super-absorbent overnight pull-up Inserts. 

And if you have an active sleeper who turns and tosses during the night,  don’t worry, its adhesive strips keep the Inserts firmly secured. You won’t have to worry about your baby soaking his sheets during the night.

What’s more, its silky-smooth surface and buttery feel make it the ideal choice for toddlers with sensitive skin.

Moreover, it is rid of harmful chemicals such as phthalates, fragrances, latex and chlorine. With this pull-up, you can rest assured that your child’s health is not in any way at risk.

Best for sensitive skinExpensive
Adhesive strips secure pull-on

2. Pampers Ninjamas Disposable Night-time Underwear

Pampers Ninjamas Disposable Night-time Underwear

Key Features

  • Brand: Pampers
  • Sizes: S/M (fits children 17-29kg), L/XL (Fits children 29-57kg)
  • Absorbent level: Super-Absorbent
  • Standout feature(s): Odour masking technology
  • Price: $26.56/count

This is yet another best overnight pull-ups for heavy wetters. Thanks to its super-absorbent technology, leakages are quickly absorbed into the absorbent gelling materials of the pull-on.  

Pampers Ninjamas Disposable Night-time Underwear comes with a discrete cloth fabric that provides the utmost privacy when taking it off. Really, no one has to know when your child does his business.

its odour masking technology ensures that the smell of urine is completely wiped off, leaving your child smelling fresh the next morning. 

With the Ninjamas, you can say goodbye to skin-related issues. It is incredibly form-fitting and its waistline could be expanded up to 360 degrees, for your child’s comfort. It is rid of parabens and latex, making it one of the safest option for your child.

360-degree expandable waistlineAddition of fragrance 
Odour masking technology

3. Pull-ups New-leaf

Pull-Ups New-Leaf Underwear Training Pants

Key Feature

  • Brand: Pull-Ups
  • Sizes: 2T-3T
  • Absorbent level: Superb
  • Standout feature(s): Medically proven hypoallergenic pull-ups
  • Price: $56.04

The Pull-up New-leaf is another ideal choice to select for your heavy wetter with sensitive skin. This pull-on is made from hypoallergenic components that protect the sensitive skin of your little one.

Another feature worth mentioning is its cotton-soft and breathable fabrics with super-absorbing rates, making sure your child stays dry for up to twelve hours.

 What’s more, it comes with re-attachable sides and a flexible waistline that ensures pull-ups stay firmly secured all through the night.

The best-selling feature would be its unique and colourful Disney frozen design that includes a wetness indicator, which makes potty training fun and easy for your kid.

Fun and colourful Disney designBest suited for toddlers
Suited for kids with sensitive skin
Wetness indicator
Flexible waistline for Kid’s comfort

4. Huggies Pull-ups Nighttime Boys Training Pant

Huggies Pull-Ups Night-time Boys Training Pants

Key Features

  • Brand: Huggies
  • Sizes: 2T-3T
  • Absorbent level: Superb
  • Standout feature(s): Extra absorbency& Leak protection
  • Price: $44.84

This is one cool and fun-themed overnight pull-ups specifically designed to suit your heavy wetter.

Huggies Pull-ups Nighttime Boys Training Pants are designed to look like underwear and feature re-attachable sides and a flexible waistline that allows for your baby boy’s comfort. This design also allows you to change pull-ups in a breeze.

More impressively, it comes with a super-absorbency lining and leak protection to match the frequency of your heavy wetter. 

With this pull-up, you no longer need to wake up in the middle of the night for a routine inspection of your baby’s sheet.

Its fun music design from the Mickey Mouse series comes with a wetness indicator that fades when pull-ups become full. This makes potty training incredibly fun for your little boy.

Super AbsorbentBest bought at the supermarket or mall
Very Comfy for your kid

5. Goodnites Nighttime Bedwetting Underwear 

Goodnites Night-time Bedwetting Underwear

Key Features

  • Brand: GoodNites
  • Sizes: Small & Large
  • Absorbent level: 40%  extra protection.
  • Standout feature(s): 5 layers protection & Double leg barriers
  • Price: $64.99

For female heavy wetters, this is considered one of the best overnight pull-ups out there.

The goodnites nighttime comes in with 40% extra protection compared to other brands. What’s more, it comes in with 5-layers extra absorbency rates and braced double-leg barriers to catch any leaks.

It is also designed to look like underwear and features re-attachable sides and a flexible waistline that allows for your baby boy’s comfort. This design also allows you to change pull-ups in a breeze.

Besides, its odour-absorbing components and fun-themed design make potty training interesting and less messy for your baby girl

Extra absorbency rateFragrance included
Odour absorbing 

Guide for buying overnight pull-ups for a heavy wetter 

Overnight Pull-ups are lifesavers for mothers with heavy wetter. However, before you hop on the moving train, you might need to consider some helpful tricks in purchasing the best. They are as follows;

  1. Absorbency Rate

Before anything else, you might want to check if your intended pull-up has a super absorbency level.  You don’t want to keep your baby up all night as a result of a filled diaper.

Due to this, always ensure you go for pull-ups with multi-layering or gel-like construction that lock in moisture and keep the outer layer dry and comfortable for your little sweetheart.

  1. Chemicals-Free

Your baby’s skin is still developing and sensitive to some harsh chemicals. In selecting an overnight pull-up, ensure it is rid of chemicals such as parabens, fragrances, dyes or anything that could put your baby at risk. Our advice is to go for brands that are certified either by dermatologists or paediatrics.

  1. Sizing

In selecting an overnight pull-up for a heavy wetter, go for the right size, that one is not too tight or too big. You should go for pull-ups with adjustable fastenings at the waist and on the leg regions.

  1. Pricing

Hey mom. We know how much you want to offer the best choice to your baby.  We suggest you get options that don’t leave a tear in your pocket yet could serve your baby as much as possible.

Remember, your baby could drop the habit anytime soon.

  1. Odour-masking

We advise you to go for options with an odour-masking technology that would keep your baby smelling fresh the next day. However, you should exercise caution in doing this. Ensure the fragrance added does not affect the sensitive skin of your baby in any way.

If you notice your baby reacting to a new product, discontinue its use immediately.

  1. Discrete/ Private

Go for options that won’t leave a dent in the social life of your growing child. Remember, he/she has a reputation to keep, so you should go for a pull-up that won’t make a noise when the need to change arises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What causes bedwetting?

A. Bedwetting is a normal process of childhood development. In fact, It has been reported that about 5-7 million children in the US are affected by this. There are various reasons why a child may engage in bedwetting, however, the most common cause would be tied to the bladder development of your little one.

You should speak to your paediatrician if you’re concerned about this.

Q. What is the difference between a pull-up and a diaper?

A. Pull-ups are designed to help toddlers in potty training. They are designed to look like underwear. Diapers are usually worn for new-born and babies.

Q. Should pull-ups be best worn during the day or night?

A. Yes. you can wear pull-ups during the daytime or night-time. However, you should note that overnight diapers provide extra protection over a long stretch. 

Q. Are Overnight Pull-ups better absorbent than your average diapers?

A. Yes, they are. Overnight pull-ups come with super-absorbing features and anti-leakage to catch any leak during the night.

Our Final Thoughts

We know how overwhelming and stressful this transitional phase might be. However, you shouldn’t stress yourself a lot, this is all part of normal childhood development.

The products reviewed in this article would help make the journey an easy and memorable experience for you and your child.

We highly recommend the Pampers Ninjamas Disposable Night-time Underwear. Its super-absorbent technology absorbs leakages quickly into the absorbent gelling materials of the pull-on.  

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