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15 Yummy and ABSOLUTELY Best Snacks for Labour.

Read through our review of the Best Snacks for Labour.
Best Snacks for Labour

Congratulations mother, You did it! You are about you meet your bundle of joy in a few moments.

Believe us, we also share in your joy and excitements.

So, let us remind you that while you pack up your bags for the hospital, you shouldn’t forget to add some of these best snacks for labour. These snacks are super yummy and absolutely nutritious, providing you with the right amount of support you may need.

After all, labour is no walk in the pack, so you need all the energy and nutrition you can get. 

Check it out.

Our Top Choices of the Best Snacks for Labour (Too long; Didn’t read)

Here is the list of our top choices of the best snacks for labour.

  1. Fruits high in calories
  2. Granola bars
  3. Dates and Nuts
  4. Biscuits and Crackers
  5. Cookies
  6. Oat meals
  7. Bread
  8. Jellies
  9. Iced Yoghurts
  10. Sandwiches with nutritious fillings such as shrimp, ham and tomatoes
  11. Energy bars with low sugar content
  12. Easily digested soups 
  13. Vegetable sticks such as celery, cucumber, carrots, etc
  14. Candies with low sugar content
  15.  Toast with a sprinkling of honey.
  16. Energy/ isotonic drinks
  17. Pastries
  18. Cereals
  19.  Boiled eggs
  20. Popcorns with low sugar content.

Am I Permitted to eat before Labour?

Eating healthy before labour shouldn’t pose a problem to you or your baby. As a matter of fact, stocking up during the onset of labour provides you with the adequate energy and nutrients needed for delivery.

As it may be labour is a roller coaster of contractions and a physically draining exercise that must not be fought on an empty stomach. Munching on one or two healthy snacks prevents exhaustion from settling in early.

On the Contrary, cutting back on your diet could lead to stress, headaches and general discomfort.

Except your doctor or midwife advises against it, you should consume some healthy snacks before embarking on the beautiful journey of motherhood.

Best Snacks for Labour with the most energy

During labour, you lose energy. Hence, you need to fill your energy reservoir to the brim. These are the best snacks for labour to help with that.

  1. Bananas: Bananas come with a high level of calories, hence a great energy source. One banana comes with 105 calories which equal 439320 energy joules.
  2. Breadsticks: Aside from being a great source of energy, breadsticks are incredibly satisfying and easy to digest.
  3. Avocado: Like bananas, Avocados are highly packed with calories and nutrients which prepare your body for the tasking journey ahead.
  4. Frozen grapes and berries: Grapes are a good source of instant energy. The complex carbohydrates present in grapes provide you with the energy needed.
  5. Boiled Eggs: Boiled eggs are not only compact but also a healthy source of energy needed for labour. Besides, they are incredibly delicious and you can’t just stop at one.
  6. Granola bars: Consisting of rolled oat, honey and dry fruits, granola bars are no doubt, a great source of healthy energy.
  7. A green Smoothie: Though not all smoothies are advisable to take during this period, you can always opt for the refreshing taste of a green smoothie. It is made from a mixture of vegetables and fruits, providing the necessary joules of energy before and during labour. 
  8. Healthy Pastries: Pastries in form of pies, cookies and toast are also a great source of energy. What’s more, they are totally filling and highly nutritious.

Snacks to avoid before C-Section

Mothers who intend to go through the delivery route of the caesarean section should ensure they avoid these varieties of snacks before going under the knife.

  1. Milk or dairy products
  2. High-fat diets like cheese, Meats, Poultry skin, Soft cheese, Sausage, Butter, and Bacon
  3. Potato chips
  4. Solid foods
  5. Sugary/ Fizzy drinks
  6. Coffee and Tea
  7. Citrus juices
  8. Spicy soups

Healthy Snacks Recommended Before caesarean Section

To aid the delivery and recovery process, here is a list of healthy snacks you are permitted to eat before a C-section.

  1. Soft snacks like Custard, Bananas and peanut paste
  2. Food rich in fibre content, for example Brown rice, Prunes, and Avocados
  3. Veggie sticks like Celery, Carrots and Cucumber
  4. Salads and vegetables
  5. Sandwiches with healthy fillings.

Healthy Drinks to Chug on During Labour.

Like any physical exercise, labour demands you stay at the top of your hydration game. You need to ensure you stay hydrated before, during and after labour, in other to replace lost fluid and keep dehydration at bay.

While many experts highly suggest drinking warm water every now and then, Isotonic drinks are also healthy options to go for. These drinks are enriched with fluids, electrolytes and carbohydrates needed to give you the desired energy surge during labour.

However, ensure you don’t mistake isotonic/ energy drinks for fizzy drinks which aren’t a healthy choice for you during labour. Always confirm the ingredients of the fluid before chugging it down. 

The Best Snacks option for Gestational Diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus is a pregnancy-related condition whereby hormones made by the placenta hinder the body from using insulin as it ought to.  Instead, glucose builds up in your blood rather than being absorbed in your cells.

According to Experts, 3-8 per cent of American pregnant mothers are affected by Gestational Diabetes. However, this condition should disappear post-delivery.

This is a list of healthy snacks to help you manage this condition during pregnancy.

  1. A moderate amount of lean protein such as powdered peanut butter, white-fleshed fish, Tofu, Beans, Skinless white meat poultry, etc.
  2. Fruits and fruit juices with minimal sugar content
  3. A minimal amount of whole grain meals such as bread, rice and starchy foods.
  4. Food rich in fibre
  5. Boiled or chopped raw vegetables like spinach, broccoli, romaine lettuce, carrots, and peppers
  6. Substitute fatty oils with plant-based oils such as sunflower oil, canola oil, olive oil, peanut oil, and safflower oil.
  7. Opt-in for popcorn with low sugar content.
Best Snacks for Labour: Packing Tips to Note. 
  1. Consuming a highly nutritious snack and chugging on clear liquids helps to sustain you throughout labour.
  2. Fruits, veggies, dried seeds and nuts are a must-have in your labour bag.
  3. Always follow your doctor’s diet recommendations.
  4. Avoid large, fatty and sugary snacks that may end up leaving you nauseous and exhausted.
  5. If food cravings should arise during labour, go for bite-sized snacks that wouldn’t be too difficult to digest.
  6. Eat little yet frequently before and during labour
  7. Go for whole-grain Carbohydrate Snacks including Whole grain crackers or Oatcakes. This would give you a slower yet effective release of energy.
  8. Carrying along a straw can help you sip liquid easily while reducing the likelihood of spillage. 
  9. It is advisable to pack in advance before D-day. This would give you enough time to tick off all the healthy snack choices on your list. 
  10. Finally don’t forget to also pack for your partners and birthing assistants, remember they are stuck with you during the whole birthing period.

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